The acronym OSV (Oldtimer-Segelflugvereinigung Schweiz) stands for the Swiss Vintage Glider Association, which unites the vintage glider pilots, owners and fans in Switzerland.

At the moment, the OSV counts 99 members, with 80 vintage gliders (older than 40 years). The activities take place in all parts of Switzerland. The members speak one or several of the 4 official swiss languages, i.e. french, swiss-german, italian, rumantsch (and, of course, often english).

You can contact the of the OSV by email, phone or snail mail for any questions or suggestions.

You can find OSV-gliders here.


In Switzerland, gliding activities started in the twenties. However, the OSV was founded much later, in 1989. Actually, it was the last moment to prevent many elder sailplanes from being destructed! The founding members were vintage glider owners who regularly met at the vintage glider rallyes of the VGC (Vintage Glider Club).

Intentions and Targets

Intentions of OSV

The OSV members suppports together for maintaining and success flight operation with the vintage gliders and also the members have better understanding and cooperation about what we decide for.Every year the OSV member organizes an oldtimer meeting in Switzerland.Also OSV member does flying demonstration of the gliders so that people can observe whether the gliders work and it will held during flightdays in Switzerland. Some of the members of OSV also attend the international meeting about vintage-gliders. We have various contacts with other groups that has same aims and interest in Switzerland and foreign countries too.

Short-term and long-term target.

The main target of the OSV is to preserve the history of precious gliders that we can use in any time. The OSV members also provides the youngster about those who have enthusisam of flying gliders with soaring.The OSV member also provides knowledge to youngster so that they can be familar with matrials that are used while constructing oldtimer glider. Also require the new establishment from the nearly forget bungee takeoff methode.

Our Executive committee

How to join ?

The OSV is happy when it receives more new members. To be the membership of the organization you have to be either pilots, owner or oldtimer glider lover. When you are membership of an OSV then it means that you are helping and representing precious fly material for future.

There are various ways that you can come in contact for OSV

The easy way is to interact with the web-form

with a call or mail via Contacts

You can also download the pdf-file  and fill the form by post-letter.


And how much you have to pay for this fun?

To be a membership of OSV at the moment certain cost about CHF 50.- is needed in one year. This money will be spend in different ways like in circular letter, boughy- start preparation and some for meetings.