OSV Meeting Grenchen 2008


Wonderful Weather for the 20th OSV Meeting in Grenchen on June 27-29, 2008

Friday, June 27

Friday greets us with radiant sunshine. Much different from the meeting in 2007, also held in Grenchen, when ducks were swimming around the parking area and rain shoes and umbrellas replaced the summer dress code! Sunscreen and sunglasses are in high demand!

After a short briefing in order to clarify any potential misunderstandings, do away with all skepticism about gliding at CTR Grenchen once and for all, and describe the surrounding landscape in utmost detail, at 11:47 am the first classic glider, a Schleicher Ka 2 (HB-724) was launched. We wouldn’t see it again for another 4 hours and 44 minutes!

After the landing of HB-977, an Elfe 4, at 18:38, in accordance with old glider tradition meat was grilled, beer and mineral water were served, everyone talked gliding and old friendships were renewed. The event took place at the so-called Loebegge (for those who don´t know, Loebegge is a well-known meeting point in Bern near the Loeb department store).

It had quickly become clear to everyone that all the reservations about flying in and around CTR Grenchen were completely unfounded. The people in the Grenchen tower understand English in addition to various Swiss German dialects, including «e;Züridütsch»!

Everyone was satisfied with the beautiful, long flights in Jura and the surrounding area.

Saturday, June 28

9:30 am: briefing at the airfield. Today larger gliders will reign, as the «e;Tupperware»e; gliders want to indulge in their hobby too.

The weather gods have looked kindly upon us. Perfect gliding weather yet again! The first aircraft – an L-Spatz 55, HB-737 – launches at 11:27. The launches continue in rapid succession thanks to four tow planes (two Robins and two Ecolights) and despite the strange mix of older and newer glider models. An additional guest appeared at 15:30 with an SZD-24-4A «Foka», launched in Montricher in Grenchen! The longest flight lasted 6 hours and 11 minutes!

After the last glider landed at 18:30 and most of the classic models were parked in the hanger, everyone headed to the official OSV dinner at the Airport Hotel in Grenchen.

Sunday, June 29

09:30: briefing and weather just as on the first two days. All participating pilots and assistants are presented with a sports bag with an OSV patch. Early on the first line of clouds appeared from the Jura Mountains. The tower set the launch at piste 25.

The flight director remained skeptical and decided to have the gliders assembled at the same place as on the previous two days. If necessary they could be moved over later. But the flight director proves correct. After the flight direction is changed to piste 07, all the classic models can be moved the short distance for launching. The first glider sets off at 11:25. It is particularly warm today with temperatures of 35°C in the shade! At 17:34 the last classic model lands at the airfield in Grenchen! It is time to say farewell and prepare for the next meeting in 2009!

Some statistics:

In three days a total of 38 flights totaling 101 hours and 36 minutes were flown – that means an average of 2:40 per flight! Shortest flight: 16 minutes. Longest flight: 6 hours, 21 minutes.

20th OSV Meeting in Grenchen, 2008 – Final Report: M. Räz

Aircraft Models at the 20th OSV Meeting in Grenchen, June 27-29, 2008

Registration number Type Pilot/Owner

HB-374 Moswey III, Baer Jürg, Huber Beat, OSC
HB-384 Olympia Meise, Fessler Thomas
HB-522 Moswey 4a, Fahrni Andreas, Fahrni Willy
HB-524 Bergfalke II/55, Fessler Thomas and co-owner
HB-575 L-Spatz 55, Räz Max
HB-703 Ka 6 CR, Stapfer Kurt, Waiblinger Willy; OSC
HB-724 Schleicher Ka 2, Wihler Bruno, OSC
HB-737 L-Spatz 55, Wälty Willi, Wälty Jürg
HB-793 Ka 6 CR, Glockshuber Rudi
HB-977 Elfe S4, Gerber Max
HB-1030 Schleicher ASW 15, Lehmann Peter and Karin
HB-1199 Elfe S4A, Grundbacher Lilly-A.
HB-1853 SZD- 24 – 4A, Foka Aeberli Philipp
F-CDLC A 60 Fauconnet, Hosatte Didier

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