Traditional Bungee Glider Launch Weekend Mauborget 2007

by Andreas Fahrni

After last year´s Bungee Glider Launch Weekend fell victim to the weather, this year the popular event took place for the 7th time in bright sunshine. Thanks to the efforts of Willi Schwarzenbach and Pierre-Alain Ruffieux as organizers, small cliffs in the course of action were circumnavigated elegantly.

Friday 14 September 2007: Launches in the plains of Champagne

After overcoming some initial difficulties (the glider could not get airborne, as the rope encountered too much resistance in the high grass) by moving to other starting grounds, 13 pilots could accomplish 19 starts to their full satisfaction.

When the dinner party started eventually (orders were accepted only after everyone had shown up), it was enjoyed in the end.

Saturday, 15 September 2007 mountain launches in Mauborget

The morning greeted us with sunshine. During the assembly of the old-timer gliders thick clouds started to rise up the mountain slope. Yet the gods of the weather relented and withdrew the courtains, so the first launch took part at 12:52 hours.

Altogether 14 flights totalling 23 hrs and 21 min could be logged on this successful day. Thanks to Willi Schwarzenbach the participants were well supplied with sandwiches and mineral water.

The rope runners («e;Gummihunde»e; or literally «e;rubber hounds»e; as we call them in German) got an extra boost of energy thanks to chocolate bars and sweets sponsored by Jürg Wälty.

A fine cocktail reception was offered at 6 p.m. (thanks, Willi Schwarzenbach) and everybody looked back to a successful day – and forward to dinner, which was well enjoyed by 40 persons in a fully occupied restaurant «e;Paral´Aile»e;.

Sunday 16 September 2007 mountain launches in Mauborget

Beautiful weather promised another nice day. However, a slight damage had been discovered the night before on the rope linking the bungee to the glider, and that had to be repaired first. The repair work could be accomplished with the help of club members and a helpful resident of Mauborget, so that the aircraft and the bungee rope were ready even earlier than the thermals. The clock read 13:07 when the firest glider was dispatched into his element. Ten flights totalling 11 hrs and 42 min were logged on this day. The subsequent de-briefing set a final point to this very successful Bungee Glider-Launch Weekend of 2007.

A heart-felt thanks goes to all assistants, friends and pilots for their dedication, as well as to the community of Mauborget and ist residents.

Events like this one bring joy, and we are looking forward to a next time

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